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Higher Efficiencies And Productivity Beyond Conventional Staffing Models.



Partner with most experienced Nearshore delivery partner


Get hired with myriad skill sets ready to serve various industries and their needs, for short and long-term projects


We conduct extensive industry research based on which we evaluate the skills of the candidates. This allows us to deliver the right talent at the right position.

Your Office

We create your office in our nearshore center, exclusively for your team, without you going through the hassle of local corporate and employment laws.


We grow the team size based upon the requirements and add more resources whenever required. We implement various strategies to improve the performance and productivity of your nearshore team.

The world is growing at an exponential pace. For corporates to achieve success in such an environment, they must transform from conventional techniques and give birth to innovative out-of-box techniques. Attracting top talent for a business is far from easy but with the world at our fingertips, it’s certainly a very viable option! To fulfill distinctive strategic and administrative talent needs, nearshore staffing services prove to be a great alternative.

Find the right nearshore partner for your business

If you find yourself creating cost cutting existing IT spend and get more value of your dollar. Then leave nearshore IT delivery to us, so that you can focus your energy and attention on what matters – your core business. You can rely on our professional recruiters to find the perfect employees for you to accomplish your business goals.

At Advent Infotech, we are dedicated to creating the perfect employment match for our clients. With us as your nearshore delivery capabilities, you can rest assured that you will get the most suitable employee that blends into your work culture while enhancing your portfolio.


Why Choose Advent Infotech?

Why Advent Infotech for Nearshore staffing services?

Advent Infotech has invested heavily in infrastructure and technology that would make Nearshore projects seamless and cost-effective. Advent Infotech understands the industry and provides the right talent at the right cost. Resources will report directly to the Clients’ Project Manager and will follow the clients’ work schedule. Advent Infotech will take care of the logistics, payroll, and benefits.

Our Process

Our process for finding you the most qualified candidate

We have a proven staffing and hiring process which ensures that we get the best picks.

Once you send us your staffing requirement, we start working to identify the resources, which are best suitable according to your organization.

  •  We send you profiles of the candidates pre-identified by us.
  •  Your shortlisted candidates are put through an interview process, which can be conducted via video or in person.
  • These remote employees are hired based on your requirements. They work under your supervision, and we handle the background checks and other formalities locally. The local payroll, HR, infrastructure, day-to-day support, and legal issues are also managed by Advent Infotech. Remote employees are a dedicated resource for your company. 
  • We provide resources with technologies such as RPA, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, IBM, Watson, Machine Learning, Tableau, Big Data, Hadoop, Spark, Salesforce, .Net, C#.


Nearshore Staffing Benefits

Here are the standard benefits offered while offering Nearshore Staffing Services.

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