Managed Services

Advent’s Infrastructure Management Services equip a customer’s business with round-the-clock support, through our Global Operations Command Center (GOCC). Our comprehensive portfolio of services gives customers the ability to reduce their costs and improve service levels. Advent helps global enterprises cut down on their infrastructure maintenance costs and provide access to expert skills without the expense of retaining those skills in house.

Increase operational efficiency, reduce risk and optimize cloud and technology infrastructure investments

Ensure the resilience and optimal performance of your IT infrastructure, so you focus on delivering organizational outcomes. Our Managed Infrastructure Services provide comprehensive management and proactive monitoring of on-premises, cloud and IT infrastructure. Let our highly trained, vendor-accredited experts, processes and tools manage the day-to-day operations of your multiplatform, multisite IT infrastructure.

At Advent Infotech, we are dedicated to creating the perfect managed services that  match for our clients requirements. Advent as your managed service provider , you can be rest assured that you will get the most suitable managed services that blends into your technology stack while enhancing your savings.
Our Process

Our process that results as key outcomes from our managed services


Our secure-by-design services portfolio ensures governance and compliance of our solutions whether on-premises or in the cloud.


Improved control of internal and external assets, as well as optimized IT costs.


Unlock the value of data for an improved customer experience and processes using an intelligent infrastructure.


Automate infrastructure to propel digital transformation for your connected enterprise.
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