We had the distinct pleasure of working with Offshore IT Staffing. Software applications development staffing is advent’s forte. The project proceeded smoothly and efficiently. Every day updates during my morning call are the best way to reduce ambiguity and smooth development.

Dennial Murphy

I am positively blown away with advent’s non-traditional approach to building a product, whereby you work with a handful of clients who are willing to invest in your app before you even create it! It sounds completely bonkers until you realize that it’s even dafter to create something before you even know if clients need it…right?

Patric Gorce

Advent is the ultimate technical temp staffing company. They will do everything you would need to succeed!!! They will provide you with an excellent job! They will call you and follow up on every detail!! They are the best in the business.

Dan Stark

MVP development service by Advent is the best way to get started. When we hired remote developers from Advent’s offshore center the cost of building MVP was reduced by 60%. Advent provided the best results. It is an absolute value for our money.

Alfon Denny